The Next Revolution In Food Supply: City Organic farming


New techniques are showing viable to produce a sustainable food supply generated locally


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In this article You will see how it is possible to produce tons of food y a small area in an urban area. This methods are proven, totally viable and can be implemented in any urban area. As You will se in this video every thing is produced naturally in an ecological sense with out the use of artificial chemicals. All is produced replicating nature´s processes involving, solar heat exchangers, photovoltaic panels to produce electricity to circulate water, using the soil to filtrate the water for the fish and using the fish to produce nutrients for the plants in a simbiotic elegant way.

This method of producing food can be implemented with such a small amount of resources and is absolutely scalable to any size. It can be implemented in a small scale in a few 100´s of square meters to any size. If this is implemented in every area in every city or town in the world there can be a definite solution to the food supply worldwide.

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