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What is the right way to start a fitness or training program?

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It depends of various things: ¿what is your goal? (Losing weight, building muscle or both), ¿where are you starting from? the workout routine, its intensity and first of all, the discipline to keep up with the program. It is more efective a 15 minute routine if done regularly with discipline than a sporadic set of excercises practicend now and then.
Another important part in bulding muscle is starting at the proper level and increasing the repetitions and intensity gradually. Most people tend to exercise with out a strategy or plan.
This causes them to over train themselves and quit as soon as they get so sored the next days. To avoid this you must plan beforehand.

It is very important to elaborate a plan before even atempting to start any fitness or muscle building routine. It also pays to get help from n experienced trainer to create a plan. This plan should start slowly, with few repetitions and low intensity. Excercises should not be too hard to execute. This will allow you too slowly but surely grow stronger every day with out feeling it like being a hard task.
Before you start to exersice you must consult your physician to make sure it is safe for you, especially if your age is above 35, or if you know of any illnes or health problem that you might have. Training should always be something pleasurable despite the effort or the intensity but also must be safe to your health.
Your training plan must also include a few minutes to warm up inorder to avoid injuries. So you always should start by a warm up routine, followed by your set of exercises for the day.
It is very important to get advice from a nutricionist so you also get a nutrition plan since the training will increase your protein, vitamins and energy requirements.
Every set of repetitions must be excecuted with a concentrated mind. Every repetition must be done with determination. No laziness is allowed and neither too much effort. If you find any set of repetitions to hard, start with fewer and less intensity, increasing them a bit every day.
If you follow these advice I can promise you that “in no time” you will gain strength and will be executing an intense but efective routine every day, gaining muscle, burning fat and you will enjoy it.

Fat Diminisher


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