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In This Video You will See How to Build a Dual Temperature Soldering Station Using a Recicled Xenon HID Ballast

Low budget? no problem if you need some tools in your repair shop !  ............. ! Build them yourself !

Allthogh this video is in spanish, it is so graphic that you will have no trouble in understanding how this weekend projet is made. Using a pair of recicled switches, neon bulb, resistor, a diode, some wires and the casing of a Xenon HID Ballast, I built this usefull tool in just a couple of hours.

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! WARNING ! Before you watch this video you should be aware that this kind of project involves the risk of electric shok, wich may result in serious accidents that might be fatal. So, I greatly reccomend you to avoid trying to buld what is shown in the video unless you have a good level of expertise and knowledge of A.C. Power ( which is the 120 volts suplied by the power company to most homes in America).

How to build a low budget dual temperature soldering station with recicled parts:

Beware that both the author of this article and video will not be held responsible for accidents involved with the use and or application of the ideas described in the video shown above since there is no way to control by whom and how such a device is built. If you decide to go for it, will be at your own risk.


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