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My Acer One Mini Laptop Just went Dead suddenly ! ¿how can I fix It?

Fixing Your Acer One Mini Laptop is "Childsplay"


Some years ago I bought an Acer One mini Laptop which I enjoyed very much using for fun and work. Only one Day it just wouldn´t start. All I could hear was its fan blowing and the power LED stayed lit.
I did some research and Found a video from a teenager, who sounds British and clearly explained ho to fix that specific problem.

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In no time I was able to "flash the BIOS" and bring back my Acer One laptop from the grave. to be honest when it failed on me i was horrified since I had not the habit of backing up files. I thought I would lose lots of work, pictures and video. but fortunately this little guy made my day. "Thumbs Up for that simple but effective advice.

In this video, this little guy will show you how to flash the "bios" of your acer one mini laptop. He will give you step by step instructions, from going to a web page and downloading the necesary "BIOS" files, to the proces setting themup correctly and installing them in your computer to restore its normal operation in such a way that it will seem like "childs play".

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Disclaimer: not every model of laptops is equal to one another, we at best-U-Tube-videos can not be held responsible for any damage to your computer due to the aplication of the method descrived here, we jus show this video in case it might help fix the problem in the specific model of Acer one computer described in the video. Any changes made to your computer bios is at your own risk.

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