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Fat Diminisher

Would you Beleive That an Electric Car Beats a Sports Car in a 1/4 Mile Race?

Well, it doesn´t matter. This tini vehicle really beats those two beasts. Two sports cars are unable to even compete with this marvel. In jus a couple of yards it leaves them breathing smoke, as this small car dosapears right in front of the other vehicle´s drivers eyes.

How IsThis Small Electric Car Able to Win a Quarter Mile Race To A Couple Of Sports Cars?

One of the reasons might be its great power to weight ratio and the improvements in the developement of new and more efficient electric car engines and batteries. Watch and enjoy this video, and beware: it might just leave you breathless.

Fat Diminisher

What Are The Advantages Of An Electric Vehicle?

1.- Cero Emissions. This means less pollutants to the enviroment

2.- Silent engine. This translates into better quelity of streets due to less noise.

3.- Can be recharged with solar panels or other clean energy source (wind turbine), enableing us for lower costs per mile

4.- They can recover energy to recharge the bateries as the motor becomes a generator when braking or driving downhill, increasing the mileage, thus increasing the cost per mile.

5.- Solar panels can be instaled in all the outer surface ofe the vehicle, to recharge when parked, bossting even more the energy efficiency.

This video really proves that the future of electric vehicles is for sure garanteed. New powerfull, light and efficient bateries with also efficient motors mounted on a light chasis is the way to go. Further more electric motors are getting smaller and more powerfull, which means less weight so the power to weight ratio goes up drastically, increasing both torque and mile range.


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