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Is it Really Possible to Reduce Your car´s Fuel Consumption?

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In fact there are some things you can do to accomplish exactly that. Our vehicle has a computer that governs how it´s engine runs. but in order for it to be able to regulate it´s opperation it has to be working under optimal conditions. for instance, the batery's voltage must be in the correct range (12 to 13.4 volts). The vehicle´s computer monitores many factors in the engine system like the oxigen intake, the power demand (which is affected by the vehicle´s weight), the batery´s voltage, etc.

That is where we can intervene to improve our vehicle´s engine performance. If we drive our vehicle around with a lot of unnecessary things in it we are carryin around unnecessary weight which increases the fuel consumption.



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Another thing that can affect adverselly the fuel ecconomy is using a wrong type of rims and/or tires because it changes the power demand from the engine. The vehicles transmission is designed for a specific rim and tire diameters which are in direct relation with the transmission´s gears. if you use a rim that is smaller in diameter than the reccomended by the vehicles manufacturer, the tires must turn more times for a specific distance than with the right diameter ones. if instead you use a larger rim and/or tires, the engine needs more torque hence more power to move the vehicle.

If you have a weak batery it is possble that the ignition system fails to deliver a strong spark to ignite the fuel inside the combustion chambers. This causes an incomplete combustion of the air/fuel mixture, reducing the power output from the engine. this same adverse effect may take place if we are running our vehicle past its maintenance schedule. Bad spark plugs also prevent the fuel mixture to be burnt completely, not only reducing the engine´s efficiency but also polluting the air with more toxic gases from the exaust.

Allways change your vehicle´s engine oil on time. this reduces the friction between the engine parts, also keeping an air tight seal between the cylinder walls and the pistons, maintaining a good power output. this, in adition to the fuel ecconomy prolonges the life of your vehicle´s engine.

There are some other things that may improve your vehicle perforance in relation to the fuel ecconomy but they must comply with the vehicle´s manufacturer and/or state regulations and specs. For instance there are certain air filters that allow more air volume into the engine wich may increaseits efficiency. Also in this category are new types of spark plugs specially designed to promote a more complete combustion of the air/fuel mixture which increases the engine´s power output.

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There is also what you can not and must not try to save in fuel. That is: installing dubious fuel saving devices wich in reality increase the fuel consumption. One example of that are those "HHo" (hidrogn - oxigen) aparatuses. that is because they ignore the first two laws of thermodinamics. You and I know that the laws of physiscs can be ignored if you wish but this doesn´t prevent them from appliying to your vehicle´s engine. these devices use power from the vehicle´s battery to break down water molecules into it´s components (oxigen and hydrogen). It uses power to obtain Hydrogen to add it to the engine´s intake mixture. the power consumed in this hydrogen production process comes ultimately from the fuel that runs the engine to charge the battery. And the amount of power used to produce Hydrogen is more than the power output due to this little dirty "HHo" gizmo. It does not save you money, it takes it from you !

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