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The most Recent technology in Solar Energy is going to change our World.

Solar energy technologies are more and more spreading around our planet. Ne designs and aplication of devices even older than you may imagine. For instance the stirling engine, wich has been around for more than 60 years. This old type of engine combined with state of the art manufacturing processes have produced these new systems wich can solve any energy need.



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Energy crisis: no more!

It is no longer a matter if we are to solve the worlds enegy needs, but when. It is evident that the worlds industry all over the planet is developing more efficient ways to harness de energy of our sun. This will eventually free us from burning fosil fuels and polluting our athmosphere.

Devices ranging from photovoltaic panels for use in our homes to larrge scale power plants using parabolic mirrors to focus solar power on a small area to convert it into electric power. All of them are becoming more and more cost effective. And all of these are not limited to electric generation but to heating and cooling aplications also, as well as solar water purification.

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Solar water purification for isolated areas
with no acces to tap water.

Fat Diminisher


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